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    Wednesday, 15 August , 2012 7:25:38
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    Professor Regis Monneau:Mean Curvature Motion: Homogenization and Traveling Waves

    題目: Mean Curvature Motion: Homogenization and Traveling Waves
    主講: Professor Regis Monneau
    école des Ponts Paris Tech, France 時間: 5月5、7、10、21、22、25日,下午1:30-4:00
    地點: 102報告廳視頻直播
    摘要: In these lectures, we are interested in the dynamics of curves or surfaces moving with Mean Curvature Motion (MCM). We will present recent results about both Homogenization of forced MCM and the construction of traveling waves.
    5月7日 (周四): Introduction to Mean Curvature Motion (MCM)
    5月8日 (周五): Introduction to Homogenization (I)
    5月9日 (周壹): Introduction to Homogenization (II)
    5月10日(周三): Homogenization of MCM
    5月11日(周五): Traveling waves for MCM (I)

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    [3] R. Monneau, J.-M. Roquejoffre, V. Roussier-Michon, Travelling graphs for the forced mean curvature motion in an arbitrary space dimension